Testing banking services with the people who will use them.

I was brought in a major transformative project within Barclaycard to set up and coordinate the user research. As part of my role I designed the research strategy, led a team of two other researchers, represented the user research team with Barclaycard's senior stakeholders. 

For this project I mixed different research techniques so that I could have both qualitative and quantitative insights on users' behaviour. 

The core research activities have been:

▪ weekly rounds of user testing with over 50 users; 
▪ two iterations of click tests with over 300 users; 
▪ one round of unmoderated user testing. 

I designed the research strategy based on the agile methodology. For each round of research I defined with the team some hypotheses to test with users; then, the day following the tests, I found helpful to schedule a one-hour meeting with the team to report the findings and highlight the issues encountered by users. 

This approach increased the product team’s understanding of user needs and supported the collaboration between designers and developers, while also cutting down the time spent on reporting. 

I was also responsible of creating and maintaining a digital repository of all user research findings on the internal wiki. This proved to be very useful to track user feedback over the evolution of the design.