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Irista is a Canon multi-platform service that helps people bringing their photos to life. With a web, iOS, Android, Mac and Windows app, Irista provides a secure and easy way to back up, organise, share and print photos in one seamless experience. 

Designing for such a complex environment has certainly been a fun ride so far, and I’m particularly happy to have helped growing and engaging our passionate user base. In the past year as part of the Product team, I led the design of two major projects: the introduction of subscription plans and the redesign of the onboarding experience.

I am also currently covering the role of Scrum Master for my remote team.


When I joined the team, Irista offered unlimited storage space for free. I have led the whole end-to-end strategy to introduce two paid plans, creating user flows, mockups, InVision prototypes and running regular sessions of user testing.

One big challenge was managing the upgrade from the free plan to the paid plans. We know that our users trust us with their most precious memories, therefore we wanted to provide an upgrade experience that would feel more like a natural step in the journey, rather than an abrupt end to a free trial.

I used the account section to display the amount of storage available and introduced alerts to gradually notify users when they’re close to running out of space. 


The onboarding redesign is an ongoing piece of work. We have recently released the new web flow and will release the iOS and Android flows very soon. 

Following several rounds of interviews and user testing, I was able to create a customer journey map of the existing sign-up and onboarding experience, highlighting user needs and key pain points.

The principles behind the redesign aim at creating a ‘happy path’ for our users without being prescriptive, so that people can make the most of Irista from day one. 

As part of this project, I have also created a lifecycle messaging strategy which is currently being implemented.